9 Fancy Jewellery Storage Ideas To Style Your Room

Attempting to separate 10 of those tiny gold chains from each other becomes an exercise in frustration and stress. Maybe it's time to do a little cleaning. But why store all of that away in a clunky jewellery box? Try a more creative way, like using branches to hang delicate pieces or glass cloches to really put your sparkly treasures on display.

With these tips, no tangled necklaces and no forgetting about necklaces at the bottom of a jewellery box anymore. Plus adding extra style to your home decoration, why not?


Get a mirror frame and stick some lace in between to easily hang your earrings.


Show your bangles and necklaces on your favourite decorations.

Have your bangle and rings on nice plates to add some colours to your room.


Or stack them up with brass candlesticks between for a quick and easy jewellery stand, as done on Acute Designs.


Display your necklaces and earrings using branches


 Use frames and vinyl decorations together to create awesome wall art.

A great example here on Offbeat Home & Style.

Shiny silver tacks + long necklaces + a tree limb vinyl decoration = fantastic! 


 Display your gorgeous jewellery in glass containers


 Frame painted pieces of burlap, and use them as art pieces turned jewellery hangers. Details on Suburble.com.


Or just simply stack your bracelets on bottles. Idea by DecoraTrix

Which one is your favourite?

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Christine Spencer
Christine Spencer

February 20, 2015

Love the look. How creative

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