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Eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas

Posted by Rachel Lum on

Once you have finally done your Christmas shopping it’s time to wrap your presents to keep them a surprise! 

For decades, we have been using massive rolls of printed paper wrapping to hide our presents. Yet, it only takes a few seconds to unwrap a gift and all that shredded paper will then go to the bin! In the interest of reducing waste and protecting our environment, Pica LéLa is sharing with you some creative and sustainable ways to wrap your holiday gifts.

Fabric Gift Wrap

Fabric is perfect reusable material for wrapping presents.  Look around your house for festive tea towels, pillow cases, sheets or hand towels that are the right size for your gift.

Fabric can be pinned or tied with a ribbon. After the present is opened, the fabric can be folded and stored for next year.

eco gift wrapping

Photo source:https://flourishnow.files.wordpress.com


eco gift wrapping

Photo source:

left: http://simplynaturalmom.com

right: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/14777505001125938/

Newspapers and Paper Bags

There are lots of large sheets of paper available in our everyday lives, for example, newspapers.  Start saving up a week’s worth of newspaper for your holiday wrapping needs (the newspaper comics make for the most colorful wrapping, but even classifieds will do!). You can even opt for paper bags at the grocery store!  Use scissors to cut to the size you need and put some stickers and ribbons on for added decoration.

 eco gift wrapeco gift wrap newspaper wrapping

Photo source:

Left: http://www.sustainablebabysteps.com

Right: https://organizingmadison.files.wordpress.com

Old Calendars

Calendars are another source of relatively large sheets of paper and colourful to boot!  Many have funny or beautiful images within so instead of tossing away, keep them around as convenient wrapping for holiday and birthday gifts.

eco gift wrap calendar gift wrapping

Photo source:  http://ilustris.co.uk/

Gift bags have long been preferred among earth-loving gift givers because they involve no tape or folding, and they’re easy to re-use next year. If you’re very careful, even the cheap paper gift bags available at discount stores can be preserved for several years.  

eco gift wrap reuseable gift bageco gift wrap reuseable gift bag

Photo source:

Left: https://wanelo.com/

Right: http://www.made-in-china.com/

Happy gift wrapping!

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  • Great ideas for wrapping gifts – a lot of the wrapping paper tears very easily.
    The knitted or crochet bags are a lovely idea as it also gives those who love handicraft something new to do

    Lynette trupp on

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