Style Guide: 10 Tips on Office Jewellery

July 15, 2015 1 Comment

Want to ensure that you are not breaking any office work wear jewellery codes?  Trying to sync professionalism with style?  Then read on for some jewellery styling advice. 

Here are my Top 10 Tips on Office Jewellery.

Firstly, all office environments are not the same so you need to be aware of what and how much to wear and what is appropriate for your office.  It’s a good idea to look around and see how conservative or casual others are, in particular your boss or management and take some pointers from them if you want to emanate their professional look.  For general office wear, I will provide you with some rules of thumb and for more formal or more casual office environments, you can always tighten or loosen the rules a notch.

1. Choose 1 statement piece or a few smaller pieces. Don’t wear statement everything!

2. First job? If you are just starting work and you want to want to put together a few jewellery pieces to begin with then choose something classic that you can wear every day.  You can build on this over time.

3. Ensure that you take a more formal approach for client meetings.  Treat these like an interview and therefore you should be more formal than everyday office attire.
4. Nothing ostentatious or too flashy.  Or too casual either.  Leave the friendship bracelets from your year abroad traveling at home.
5. Keep it elegant with some simple CZ crystal or pearl pieces.
6. No noisy, clinking or distracting jewellery. That’s a no to chunky bracelets that hit off your keyboard every time you type.  Using the phone a lot?  Think simple studs or pearls that don’t fall out easily or you’ll be clambering around on the floor looking for them after you finish every call!
7. Inject some personality.  Even with simple pearls, this is achievable.  Opt for something with a
fashion step forward or think outside of the box and choose something like a scarf ring for a unique but elegant and classy look.  Or pick up some nice cuff links or buttons for your classic work shirts to add a subtle injection of interest.
8. Have some favored pieces that showcase political or religious symbolism? Think about whether they will be appropriate for your particular office environment.
9. After work drinks/dinner?  Some day to night jewellery in your wardrobe is a good idea to have on standby.
10. Office party? If so then you may wish to inject a bit more of your personality or wear a more statement piece.  Now is the time to do it but don’t go overboard!
That’s my jewellery for the office style advice.  Now go forth and conquer the professional world, in style!

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Alok kumar
Alok kumar

July 18, 2015

When we are stranger in office nobody Know to us, but many person are addicted to fashion jewellery style in office this trend also make you self promote, with as you mention Thumb Rule.

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