Launched in 1993 in Sydney Australia by a passionate jewellery designer, the Pica LéLa brand is owned by Wellington Jeweller. All Pica LéLa's designs are beautifully finished in 18K plated gold and presented to you in stunning branded packaging and offering you peace of mind with up to a 5 year international warranty.

Each collection is inspired by a unique theme.  From our cherished staples visible in the Starlight collection, to the timeless and vintage inspired pieces of the Victoria range, through to the boldly feminine Amour collection.  The result?  A dazzling collection of treasured pieces which exude feminine confidence and demand attention. We also have a little fascination with rose gold. Check out our Blossom or Esmeralda collections for your rose gold fix now! 

We celebrate our love for our brand through our icon, the pony, which is a reflection of the exceptional journey that Pica LéLa is on to explore the world, a mystical ‘merry-go-round’ where we are uncovering new cultures, styles, colors and designs and where each memory is captivated and remembered with a beautiful piece of Pica LéLa jewellery.  This icon is an intricate detail which you will find on each cherished piece.

The Pica LéLa 2015 focus and theme is distinguishable by its lavish embellishments, crystals and stones which both mirrors the 2015 trend and answers to customer demand. Comprised of dominant necklaces and lustrous gemstone colours, the Esmeralda collection is complemented by an exquisite array of matching earrings, bracelets and rings and makes for a dazzling collection of treasured statement pieces.

The Pica LéLa brand has gone from strength to strength, today issuing a brand philosophy of offering a broad range of luxury collections that fit the modern day female personality – fashion conscious, dynamic, versatile and assertive women, which we reflect in our strive to indulge ever changing fashion sensibilities, allowing you in turn to indulge your fashion chameleon!


We hope that you enjoy browsing our site and wearing our jewellery as much as we have enjoyed creating it.


Perfect Gift for Her

Why spend hundreds on ordinary gifts like flowers and coupons?

Every girl loves jewellery. Pica LéLa is the perfect gift for your partner, mother and/or sister. All jewellery comes with a luxury pearl finish packaging and are ready to be sent as gifts. With the wide product range in style and price, you will surely find one to surprise her and make her smile.

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