5 Jewellery Bloggers You Should Follow

March 31, 2016 1 Comment

5 Jewellery Bloggers You Should Follow

Love Jewellery?  Want to keep up with the latest and hottest trends?  Work in the industry (like me) and don’t want to miss out on all the latest jewellery news?  Look no further, I have done my homework and here are my 5 best blogs.  Disclaimer:  These are not necessarily in order of preference, maybe you can comment below and rate them for me!

1. Liza @ Gemologue  

Liza Urla Gemologue Blog

Image Source: http://gemologue.com/

This blog is a goodie and it’s not just me that knows it.  Gemologue won Best Fashion Blog in 2015 at the UK Blog Awards.  What’s more, Liza Urla is a gemologist and so really knows what she is talking about, writing articles for the likes of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.  Here’s a true jewellery influencer so I advise to get reading!


  • Fun and Creative – see if you can complete the ‘Gem Crossward’! http://gemologue.com/gem-crossword/
  • Visually appealing website with creative imagery.
  • Good range of categories covered such as Street Style, Events, Jewellery Reviews.
  • Lovin’ the Street Style and even better you can Shop The Look.

    2. Becky @ Diamonds In The Library

    Becky Diamonds In the Library Blog


    Image Source: http://diamondsinthelibrary.com/

    Love jewellery AND reading?  Well then this is the blog for you.  An interesting combination of a jewellery and book review conversation or as Becky puts it “A lady with a love for literature and shiny things discusses books and bling.”  This blog is less focused on trends and styling but we already have our pick of those so I for one can totally support a navigation away from the norm into the niche.


    • Well I love books and jewellery so this combo is a win for me!
    • Easy to navigate website.
    • Indexing according to more precise topics such as By Era/By Design Element/By Material for example – great for those jewellery lovers who have a particular topic of interest.
    • Contains practical guides such as Guides to Buying Jewellery on Ebay, Etsy…
    • It’s not all haute couture trends and jewellery which you will never hope to wear – there is a Jewellery Under $200 Category too.

      3. Beanie Major @ In Detail

      In Detail Jewellery Blog

      Image Source: http://indtl.com/

      In Detail tells the stories behind individual pieces of jewellery, breathing life into jewellery and our love of it at the same time!


      • Innovative blog aspect.
      • Creative topics such as A Jewellery Lovers Alternative Gift Guide’.
      • Some great interviews with some great jewellery influencers.
      • Easy lay-out.

        4. Maia Adams & Juliet Hutton-Squire @ AdornInsight

        Adorninsight Jewllery Blog

        Image Source: http://www.adorn-london.com/

        Less consumer driven, here we have a jewellery blog aimed largely at jewellery industry peers.  The blog focus lies around market intelligence and the advisory with topics centraling around innovations, upcoming trends and sales and marketing developments.


        • As a Marketeer in the jewellery world, I appreciate the sharing of industry insight and knowledge.
        • Provides confidence to brands that you are proceeding in the right direction.
        • Innovative jewellery blog that many will appreciate, both consumers and industry people alike.

          5. Howard Cohen @ The Jeweler Blog

          The Jeweler Blog


          Image Source: https://thejewelerblog.wordpress.com/

          Howard Cohen serves jewelers across the US and Canada with their online strategy by sharing jewellery news from around the world that they in turn can share with consumers and jewellery lovers.


          • Fun blog! Friday is a new share of a jewellery related music video complete with lyrics.
          • Unusual, amusing and interesting stories about jewellery all over the world.
          • It could use some categorization…you have to scroll down rather than check by topic or category - I do understand that this is not a like;-)!  Great blog all the same.

          So do any of our jewellery lovers out there have any blog suggestions for us here at Pica LéLa?  If so then please share!

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