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Bridal Fashion Jewellery Trends 2015

Posted by Serena Wang on

While classic white jewellery pieces will always be popular, brides are increasingly looking for designs that capture their individual style. Fancy coloured gemstones are inspiring both designer collections and bespoke pieces.

Vintage style designs never go out of fashion and have become even more popular for all brides, because brides want a design that looks like it has a story to tell.

Rose gold,which looks especially stunning on pale-skinned brides, as opposed to conventional white gold, yellow gold and platinum is also making an appearance. 

The saying “Less is More” is most definitely true. If you are wearing a really bold earring, I think it is better to do a more simple necklace or not wear any necklace so they can stand out.

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  • Nowadays there is a big variety of quality pearls in the custom jewelry market. The jewelry here is a perfect match with the dress. Keep on sharing with us. Thank You!

    Natasha Williams on

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